Monday, August 31, 2009

Steroids? What steroids?

I am a true baseball fan. A true sports fan.

I'm hoping both of my sons excel at sports, and make it to the professional level.

I would never think of advising them to use any type of performance enhancer that is either illegal or unethical.

If I wouldn't publish it online or talk about it in public I won't allow me sons to use it.


I could care less whether Alex Rodriguez used steroids.
I'm convinced every athlete that is "unbelievable" such as Albert Pujols or Usain Bolt are using drugs to improve their performance.

I think we should legalize everything and have full disclosure.
I wouldn't countenance the use because of possible long term danger, but others could rationally not care.

What I do care about is the beauty of sports in America.
Right now, from tennis, golf, football, basketball, baseball, track, etc.

It is a golden age.
If it is a golden steroid age.

That's fine with me.
and apparently I'm not alone.

The Yankees are cruising in first place, and I haven't seen any evidence that people care about Andy Petit and Arod's steroid use.

I would hope that the athletes would just strive to be good people and good competitors.
I would hope they would get and stay married to one person and be good role models.

btw. it wouldn't shock me if Tiger Woods is on steroids.
It wouldn't change my opinion of him one bit, except perhaps to admire the drive to win, and how he could be so stupid to be found out with all of his money.

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