Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mike Huckabee wrongly attacks Democrats

...concerning the Death Panels again. He asserted that due to Senator Kennedy's age and prognosis, he would have been left to die under a comtemplated Public Option or under healthcare as envisioned by President Obama.

I severely doubt this. Save for a few leftwing extremists, we as a party are dedicated to providing whatever healthcare is necessary regardless of the costs.

First of all, Democrats are famous for spending more money, now all of a sudden, we have an interest in denying payment for lifesaving treatment because the patient is too old? So the liberals are really conservatives?

Democrats I'm sure support following a patients' wishes. This would include doing everything to preserve and improve life as much as possible.

It is the Republicans who fundamentally disagree with "government" run healthcare. Which by its' nature is taking care of older, poorer, and sicker people.

The good news is that Republicans are now onboard for more spending to help people.

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