Monday, August 31, 2009

Fundamentally a Conservative nation? No

There is still a cadre of Conservative pundits who keep putting "this is a basically (fundamentally) a conservative country" into the ether seemingly whenever they can.

They have support in that polls show that voters identify with the "conservative" label nearly twice as much as "liberal".

Yet, any seasoned politico knows that much of this affinity is political correctness.

The right has successfully attacked Democrats and the left by associating them with their extreme partisans.

So now when people talk about or speak of "liberal" it is usually referring to something extreme that is disagreeable.

People don't talk about:

Medicare being liberal and popular.
Social Security being liberal and popular.
Our approach to law enforcement "innocent until proven guilty" being liberal and popular.
Our approach to war with concern for the innocent and our world image being liberal and popular. (see G.W. Bush and why Democrats control Washington today).

So when something works like the Clean Air and Clean Water Act it is moderate, sensible policy.
When there is something that is too onerous about it or clearly bad, that is the "big government liberalism" that is harming our nation through regulations.

If you take a sober look at the important issues of the day it is clear that America is a fundamentally liberal nation.

I agree with that in most respects but not all.

A few states have legalized gay marriage and there's no moral outrage that I can tell.
There's moral outrage from seniors that Healthcare reform may cut their benefits.
There's outrage that we might not spend whatever is necessary to pay for healthcare of all seniors. Regardless of their ability to pay.
The government is either big under Republicans or bigger under Democrats.

Every issue in America is pretty much subject to federal review at a congressional hearing.
I disagree with much of this but it exists.

So when the American people rise up and reinstate the sanctity of marriage by restricting divorces, and restoring the traditional definition in all 50 states,

when we arrest people we know are criminals before they hurt people rather than respecting their "rights" and waiting to chase them afterwards.

when we have people outspoken like Vice President Cheney in support of torture if it works sometimes.

when we have people who will vote for smaller government that doesn't help them.
Imagine the people of Louisiana saying no thanks to federal help after Katrina.
Imagine the people of Florida and Oklahoma being personally responsible for themselves during/after horrible storms.

then we will have a conservative nation.

I prefer a newliberal nation that tries to do what's right regardless of the politics.
Able to stand with the left when it is right to pursue healthcare as a human right.
Able to stand with the Christian right and define marriage correctly and look to strengthen it.
Able to stand with those who want to decriminalize non-violent drug use, and other personal behavior.

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