Monday, August 31, 2009

Democrats expect rought 2010

There are predictions for a Republican wave in 2010. I'm on record disagreeing thinking that Democrats will actually gain seats.

But assuming that the conventional wisdom is correct, what should our party do?

I say it is envitable at some point that Republicans will bounce back.
It is hard to see in our polarized nation with a media that really loves conflict that any party will dominate for much more than a few years.
So the right thing to do is to attempt what you really believe is best for the nation.

This way when you lose you will have done it for a purpose.
You are going to lose.
This is not like the one party states throughout our country where if you say or do the "right" thing you can hold onto power.

Democratic control of Washington is temporary. And it should be.
Do the right thing. Whatever Obama thinks that is.

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