Monday, August 24, 2009

Little League World Series

I enjoy youth baseball. The 2009 LLWS is tremendous overall as usual but:

1. These kids should be playing on a field that fits their size. That means 50 foot pitching distance, and 70 feet bases.

2. These kids hould be play "real baseball":

must catch the 3rd strike.
runners can take leads and steal.

3. I don't believe the pitching speeds that ESPN puts up. I saw a 84 pound kid throwing 61mph according to the graphic. Others were throwing in the 70's and one over 80 mph. I don't know if the radar guns I'm used to are too slow or theirs is fast, but I don't believe it.

I would have to watch them pitch live.

Overall it is a great show. I dislike the fact the coaches are so politically correct in their manner towards the kids. No one would ever be good at baseball with the "touchy-feely" feminine nature of these coaches. I suspect they're faking for the cameras.

I would love to see more tough-love, and real coaching.
It happens everyday across this country and it's all good.

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