Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If we started from scratch: Healthcare

Every citizen would be covered within a Medicare type system.

This would be paid for through our income taxes.

The system should offer various choices ranging from a bare minimum catastrophic plan to a full fledge offering.

There would be a vibrant free market system. While doctors would be required to accept Medicare patients, they could offer any number of options to private citizens.

As an individual you could take the money that would have been used for your Medicare plan and use it for a private set-up. In this case you could add to it and pay more, or find a bargain and pay less.

As long as there were standards of care and strict accountability, this would help to keep everyone honest through competition.

The end result would be healthcare for everyone, personal freedom to find a plan or delivery system that fit best for you, and a competitive market to reign in prices.

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