Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bruno should be censored

I'm wondering what will it take for people to censor "art"?

This movie Bruno seems to fit the bill.

I haven't seen it, and don't plan to view on purpose.

The description of it doesn't belong in civil society.

So the movie doesn't either.

It should be allowed for private consumption.

Even at that, if some of the inuendo is correct, I would force more editing for the common good.

Certain ideas shouldn't be allowed because they are so dangerous to our minds.

I resent this idea that we should censor only "for the children".

A look at the news everyday shows our society in general needs protection.

People arguing against the censorship of this movie would just be making an academic point.

Our American culture is more important than that.

There is a balance that must be determined but this movie is not near the tipping point.

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