Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good to be a hypocrite

A hypocrite is generally understood as someone who talks about higher standards and doing the right thing, but personally doesn't live that way.

Politicians especially, are loathed to be called hypocrites.

Yet, usually the alternative is to have low or no standards, because it is easy to practice what you preach if you preach very little or nothing.

I like the preaching.

We need the higher standards.

Whether it's a person who advocates for religion who doesn't go to church.
Whether it's a person who counsels against divorce but has been married 3 times.
Whether it's an athlete who speaks out against drugs but uses steroids.

America needs people to constantly set high standards. Part of that process is that some or even most people for fall dramatically short in some way.

But it still improves our world. It gives us all a standard to strive for.

It is right to try to do and be the best.

The answer is to figure out how we can all live up to our words not to stop speaking them.

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