Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bogus racism talk again

Harvard professor jailed, Officer is accused of bias

According to this report, someone saw two black men forcing their way into a home (in an expensive area).

She called the police about a suspected breaking and entering crime.

The police came to the residence, asked for identification from Mr. Gates and he was indignant and played the race card.
How is this racism? How does this reflect on America as some in the article postulate?

Wouldn't you want your neighbors to call if they see someone force their way into your house.
Even if it was you, wouldn't you then feel the need to explain what happened, and be happy that your property is being protected?

There are very few "real" racial incidents in this country. One atypical exmaple: There was a program on HBO that talked about a small town in Miss. that had separate white and black proms. Morgan Freeman offered to pay for an integrated prom but was met with white resistance. This show detailed real problems based on race if it is an accurate depiction.

Contrast this with a man who forced his way into a home and was upset that he had to prove his legal right to be there.

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