Friday, July 17, 2009

accepting victory

President Obama had to pander to the NAACP yesterday by asserting that racism and structural inequalities were an important obstacle yet to be overcome by African Americans in general.

He knows that this isn't true, but that those he's talking to believe it as an article faith.

Sure, he tried to point out all of the positive attributes of our nation, all of the opportunity available, all of the success already acheived, but the crowd and our community in general are too invested in victimhood.

It is much easier to think that bad things are the way they are because of someone or something out of our control.

When in fact, we have won the Civil Rights battles, and the problems we face are vastly the fault of individual choices.


Any poor person can stop eating fast food and get healthier.
Any poor person can stop watching so much television and get more intelligent by reading.
Any poor person can save more money and invest in their future.

The same goes for the working and middle class person trying to reach the upper levels.

The problems are internal more now than ever. In our politics. In our mores.

The President touched on these topics in a way, but not while making a central point.

It is amazing the President is able to hold together such a broad coalition.

He is impressive, and everyday shows why he and not Hillary deserved our nomination.

Hillary Clinton doesn't have a relevant message while Obama is fufilling a destiny.

It's a shame that he linked the gay rights agenda with the African American community.

The President is under pressure to prove he is sufficiently left wing to the homosexual lobby.

I pray one day soon we will have a Democratic nominee and President who can stand for traditional values and not pursue a perverse agenda as though it is as American as apple pie.

But that is the nature of American politics. Anyone who purports to agree with a politician or political party completely is either fooled or crazy.

African Americans should accept the victory of equal opportunity and take personal responsibility to acheive the fruits of that labor.

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