Friday, June 5, 2009

Cleveland Cavaliers: Mike Brown should give award back

Mike Brown won the 2009 NBA coach of the year award for his work in the regular season.

He should give it back for his performance in the Orlando series.

It is looking even worse after the Lakers soundly defeated the Magic in Game 1 of the Finals.

Brown failed to properly utilize perhaps the most talented player in the league.

He should have made numerous adjustments, including game strategy and better use of his bench. If the small guys aren't hitting their jump shots and they can't cover the other team, then at least get your best defenders on the court.

Also, you can't let Lebron dominate the ball so far out from the basket. Allow others to penetrate. If they won't, force them or take them out.

Also, you have to force the weaker players on the other team to beat you. Even if it means wide open shots, it changes what they want to do and introduces a new dynamic.

When you are up big, substitute differently to try to keep players on the court who can keep it going rather than letting the natural rhythm move away.

Whatever you do, do something other than the typical.

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