Friday, June 5, 2009

A real health care choice

We are steadily moving toward a Health Care bill coming from the Congress. Democrats should make sure:

1. we have a bill.
2. we allow as many real choices as possible.

There should be a public option that allows hard to insure people a real option, but we need to retain a profitable private sector in healthcare.

America is great because of millions of people pursuing their personal interests that ultimately benefit everyone.

Think cell phones. Think cable television.

They weren't created for the common good. There were people taking risks with their own money trying to get rich.

That is what is necessary to create the best medicines, to get the best doctors, etc.
We need the government to establish common sense rules, and to root out waste, fraud, and abuse.

The government should guarantee access to a free market that works. We shouldn't have central planners setting up a system where people will only want to choose the government.

I like the way the post office is competing with Fed Ex , UPS, and others in package delivery.
That is a model that can be used as a starting place.

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