Thursday, June 4, 2009

Conservatives are losing badly

A decade ago, Conservativism was on the rise. Even with a Democratic President, it was the Republicans and their Conservative thinkers controlling the debate and defining the political discourse.

While I was 10 years younger than today, I will admit to being totally stunned at what has happened.

Where Conservatives were right and had good ideas to offer, they have been defeated soundly.

Whether we are talking about private accounts in social security. School vouchers. The Powell Doctrine in fighting wars. etc.

On other topics such as gay rights they have been routed.

I don't support gay rights. I think this is all contrived and phony civil rights.

I resent the attachment to the legitimate Civil Rights Movement.

Yet, as New Hampshire has legalized gay marriage there is no Conservative opinion to speak of.

I've searched all the major sites. The defense of marriage is left to me, and a few right wing nuts.

The mainstream Conservative movement won't fight gay marriage and gay rights for some reason.

I hate to speculate.
Affirmative Action (which I support) looked to be on it's last legs. Yet now today the idea of diversity is so accepted that Affirmative Action may not be needed anymore. It's principles are so inter-twined into our culture that the Left has won. Of course there are many areas where we still need A.A. but it should be based on need or other factors rather than race or gended.

Yet, that too is still a defeat for the Right because they argued for "merit" in an objective sense as the only acceptable criteria.

Look at the federal budget. The movement towards smaller government failed. Even conservative alternative budgets offer big government solutions just less so.
They still talk the talk, but every chance Republicans had to walk the walk was inter-rupted by a fear of electoral loss or was it just honesty?


We need a conservative movement that is vibrant and strong. Not just for the causes I agree with them on, but to challenge the status quo and make liberal ideas better.

It needs to be more than standing for lower taxes. We need people to articulate the sound reasoning behind traditional values and other conservative approaches.

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