Monday, May 4, 2009

Supreme Pick

President Obama should pick a hispanic female who is well qualifed, and not a left-wing extemists.

I hope she will not pursue a gay rights agenda. It is probably too much to expect a traditional values Democrat, but hopefully we won't get a radical activist.

The court needs diversity both in terms of race, gender, background, politics, and many more areas.

Judges should balance preserving the integrity of the Constitution with maintaining it's relevance in a changing world.

They shouldn't make rules and laws that are better left to elected bodies.

For instance, I believe a woman should have a constitutional right to control her body, so no government should be able to ban abortions. But Roe v. Wade would too activists in writing and determing the law. The judges should not only let legislators make laws, they should give the people a chance to change their Constitution(s) if necessary. Instead we have seen rulings that set up a circumstance where it is highly unlikely that court rulings will be changed.

This is bad for America. Big changes should come through civil society and the political process.

Courts should interpret laws and the Constitution. They shouldn't be doing jobs that others can do. They should doing work that normal Americans can't.

For example, determining what does it mean to give a prisoner due process during a wartime.

The average person is not equipped for that.
But the average person can tell you that gays shouldn't be able to ruin the concept of marriage.

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