Thursday, May 7, 2009

Liberal Democrats support vouchers

There is a liberal principle that everyone regardless of their accident of birth deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. Private school vouchers is one way to advance that goal. For one reason or another many successful people place their children in private schools and eschew the public schools. I'm assuming they are smart, and that they want the best for their offspring. The first and best reform of the public schools should be a voucher to give everyone choice of whether to attend them. We are running an almost $2 trillion deficit, and there is no reason this couldn't and shouldn't be done for our future. If it doesn't work out well, the worst case is more debt (been there and done that), and the parents will have had control.

President Obama has made the right choice to at least let the children who have started in the D.C. private school voucher plan to continue, but it seems no new students will be allowed.

The government, especially run by our party should be on the side of the poor and undereducated right now. Give them a voucher, and then fix the schools so they will want to use the voucher in the public schools.

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