Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama Supreme pick

Sonia Sotomayor is the right choice for the Supreme Court.

President Obama has demonstrated the proper role for Affirmative Action in society.

First, last, and Foremost candidates should be qualified for the position.
They should be well-qualified in terms of pedigree and exprerience.

Once there is a group of qualified potentials then other factors should matter.

I believe we should take Affirmative Action to promote various ideals throughout our public life in education, government, and employment. They go beyond race and gender to include life circumstances, political ideology, physical disability, etc.

Of course you can't do everything in one choice.
As a nation, our goal should be to promote the ideal that everyone can reach their God given potential. That not only helps them personally but us all as a nation. This inspiration helps renew our greatness as a land. This may occur through inventions, new business models, new and better ideas, or just simply a more kind society.

But those on the left should always remember that being qualified is the most important aspect of Affirmative Action done correctly. Otherwise we all lose.

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