Monday, May 4, 2009

healthcare: public versus private

I support universal healthcare.

It should be delivered in the private sector.

There shouldn't be a single payer system run by the government.

The government's job should be to guarantee access to a private plan that works.

We need to keep healthcare in a free market because it works best there.

We need as many people as possible making decisions, and competing to do the job better.

If the government takes over in one way or another then the emphasis switches to central planning, and politics.

This means we all lose.

So far, Ron Wyden has the best plan to fix healthcare:

The plan, known as the Healthy Americans Act, would:
guarantee private health care coverage for all Americans;
provide health benefits equal to those that Members of Congress now enjoy;
provide incentives for individuals and insurers to focus on prevention, wellness and disease management;
establish tough cost containment measures that save $1.48 trillion over 10 years; and
be fully paid for with the $2.2 trillion currently spent on health care in America today.

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