Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Democratic plan to fight Gay Marriage

As a Democrat who will fight Gay Marriage and the Gay Rights agenda all the way, I have a responsibility to both be against what is wrong, but also have a positive agenda to both support what is right, and to improve America in many aspects.

First of all, I totally respect the members of my party who support Gay rights. They are being bold, they are staking out an agenda and doing it the right way, through the legislature.

New Hampshire Senate passes Gay Marriage Bill

...and they are wrong.

Democrats we need to look at the forest, and determine exactly what world do we want to live in. What are the limiting principles. So many gay activists try to focus on their "issue" and reject any comparison with other movements. It's ironic because they have specifically attached their movement to the civil rights movements for African Americans.

Yet, the fact is if we allow Gay marriage, we will further devalue the idea of morality in our society. It is bad, and getting worse now. The problems are deep-seated, and the fault of those of us who claim to be living traditional and moral lives. We need to do better.


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that all are subject to legal and moral reasoning similar to the gay marriage movement.

One of the big problems is the idea that we the people, through our government don't have the right to declare (gay) behavior wrong, dirty, immoral, or even illegal. That we we the people through our government don't have the right to set up laws and regulate contracts denying recognition as such.

That is the essence of society. That for the greater good, we limit what individuals and groups of people can do. Many in the gay rights groups keep making arguments that government has no right.

Well, yes it does.

Furthermore the idea that since this country was wrong to enslave and mistreat blacks, then any law prohibiting gays is similar is bogus and nonsense.

It was wrong to treat blacks that way because it was evil.

What we are talking about today is American culture being called evil by people who are trying to change it.

Here's an example:

If I go to a Democratic Party meeting and I address all of the women in the room as "fat b__tches"; that is evil behavior. Or all the Asian people as "short ugly b__stards".

That would be evil and wrong because those words in our culture are insulting and bad.
There aren't any laws against me doing the above, but it shouldn't be celebrated, tolerated, or accepted.

But what if there was a movement to make the above totally ok? Including in that was the idea that it was UnAmerican and unacceptable to force me to act otherwise. I have a right to speak to and about other people as I please.

That is what is happening. We have people who are taking perverse and abnormal behavior and are determined to make it normal.

What we as Democrats must do is to remain a truly liberal party. That means open-minded to all views. Not just those headed in a left wing direction.

I ask what is the limiting principle? Is anything ok, if enough people say it is? Since so many people supposedly now know gay people in their family and on their jobs, now it's hateful to oppose gay rights?

What can you say is wrong, and it won't change based on public opinion, a media campaign for a generation to convince America, or whatever else occurs?

All of the Democrats who believe as I do shouldn't allow the media or the activists to cower us into silence and tacit agreement.

Be bold enough to say, I respect you, but you're wrong.
Marriage is a special bond between a man and a woman.

All sexual relations outside of marriage are wrong.

Even if you haven't or don't live up to the standard, doesn't mean you can't articulate it and work towards it.

We have to work hard to keep America the great nation she is.
A plan to acton:

Take this opportunity to strengthen real marriage:

1. Make it tougher for a man and woman to get married. Insist on a waiting period, and some type of counseling to inform them of the typical problems that others have had. If people refuse this process then they shouldn't be given any of the legal (public) benefits of marriage.

2. Repeal the overly broad no-fault divorce traditions and laws that have developed. Of course leave in the ability of people to leave dangerous situations. But we need to work harder at repairing marriages that are beset with infidelity, and many of the normal "irreconcilable" differences" that seem to be so routine.

3. The government should make an effort to promote a healthy stable nuclear family. It is proven that a family with a mom and dad working together for the sake of themselves and their children do better than other units. If Hollywood and others in the culture insist on promoting degradation, the government should get in the business of promoting good values.

4. Set up the tax code to give incentives to get and stay married.

5. Look for ways to respect everyone's civil rights while protecting the sanctity of our culture.

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