Thursday, April 30, 2009

Democrats should accept Specter

I think Democrats would have won the Penn. Senate seat if Toomey had defeated Arlen Specter in a Republican Primary. Yet I still support Specter's switch to our party because it gives a good political signal to the country about Democrats being open-minded.

Hopefully, the leaders of our party including the special interest groups will understand that we need to be truly liberal and not dogmatic and left-wing.

I'm for doing the right thing in politics to make this country better. I'm not for the poll tested moderation.

So even if it is not popular, I support gun control legislation.
So even if it is politically dangerous I support national health care albeit with a private sector flavor.

But Democrats need to resist this gigantic pull to the far left. If Specter had stayed a Republican, his Democratic successor would have been more to his left in all likelihood.

Bob Casey is a good Democrat to have in the Senate. He is a team player, but not lockstep on every issue.

Every political party needs to be a coalition, yet there is a constant tension from the extremes to purify the party.

Arlen Specter helps us a little bit in terms of politics but a lot in terms of governing.

Exhibit A: he voted against the Democratic Budget

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