Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reject Employee Free choice act

The Employee Free choice act should be defeated. We are in a global economy where our workers should compete fairly against others. The problem with this act is that it is another way of turning a Union from a shield to protect workers from bad acts to a weapon against businesses.

People who start businesses should be able to run them as they wish. Workers in general should have freedom to decide the terms of their employment.

The badly named Employee Free choice act would make it much easier to form unions, much easier to coerce others into forming unions, but mainly it would create a situation where individual workers would have their rights curtailed "for the good of everyone".

America is great because we have allowed individuals to reach their God given potential more than other countries.

I can certainly imagine some cases where unions are helpful and good. But not many, and not to the extent that others envision. Unions have been losing power for decades, and rightfully so. They are and should be most potent in industries where the workforce is under and less educated, hard working, and subject to abuse.

We are continually upgrading the education of all Americans. We now have many safeguards in place for all workers, and our culture protects many people.

We need to rethink the whole concept of Unionization, and it certainly shouldn't be expanded in this proposed way.

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