Thursday, January 22, 2009

Example of racism on television

I am one of the last people to look for or accuse racism. Yet, I pride myself in being based on facts rather than predispositions or fantasy. In the daytime soap All my Children, I have noticed that the police chief Jesse Hubbard, an African American is not smart enough to solve very many, if any crimes. He is constantly behind the curve, following orders from civilians, or just a pawn within the story. This also has been true many times of black judges on the show. They have either gotten something wrong or been inconsequential where the lawyers or the courtroom participants actually ran the courtroom. The black judges have repeatedly sentenced innocent people to jail or been the presiding judge as chaos broke out in court.

If there were examples of competence and intelligence throughout the show from these positions of power I would not mention the above because then it would be a complex show. But the leftwingers on AMC for some reason are stuck in the 1970's era.


Not only would I want them to change the above. But also to start representing religious people and other traditionial values in a fair and positive light. It is still true today that conservative and traditional ideals are presented so they could be denounced, changed, or weakened. In the meantime the writers of AMC are promoting the typical left wing agenda items.

Democrats, we need to use to the bully pulpit to stand up for traditioal American values. It is typical Americans that rightfully chose our party, and we need to prove we deserved it.

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