Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do business people have rights versus Unions?

Let's say a person starts and nurtures a business from an idea in their head into a roaring success. They increase from zero employees to 400 or 4000. Let's say they make a new product that everyone wants, such as an electornic gadget that right out of the box does everything we wish: telephone, video, radio, organizer, etc. and can be fully operational in 5 minutes.

My question is when does this business, which wouldn't exist without the initial person taking a risk that could have very well failed, cease to be his own, and now subject to Unions and other rules that take away control?

When is it that he just can't hire or fire people based on what he thinks is right?

When is it that we as a society view the jobs he created as social goods, rather than a part of his business structure?

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