Saturday, December 27, 2008

The proper Israeli approach

Israeli Gaza Strike Kills More Than 225

GAZA — Waves of Israeli airstrikes destroyed Hamas security facilities in Gaza on Saturday in a crushing response to the group’s rocket fire, killing more than 225 — the highest one-day toll in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in decades.

Israeli military officials said the airstrikes, which went on into the night, were the start of what could be days or even months of an effort to force Hamas to end its rocket barrages into southern Israel. The operation could include ground forces, a senior Israeli security official said

Palestinian officials said that most of the dead were security officers for Hamas, including two senior commanders, and that at least 600 people had been wounded in the attacks.

It is tragic when innocent people die or are wounded in an armed conflict. Yet, this military action by Israel should force us to think what is the correct Middle East policy for the incoming administration.

Israel should think of what is the right thing to do. Coordinate with the United States and other countries of good will, and do that. By force if necessary. It will be, because many parts of the Islamic world want war. So there isn't any reasoning with them.

The civilized world should stop playing games with the terrorists and their supporters by trying to reach agreements that will suspend terrorism or get the "police" to attack their own kind.

It is wrong to place good people in a situation where they are constantly under the threat of renewed violence from many sides.

Israel should define a border for a Palestinian state, decide unilterally what is a fair resolution to all issues, and implement it.

Of course this won't be popular, but in a a few years it will be accepted and the world will be a better place.

They (just like us) have to stop being politically correct about fighting people who are trying to kill them. Doing so is actually more harmful to everyone than helpful because it gives evil people a legitimate avenue towards progress.

The Obama administration should take a hard line against terrorism and these Islamic countries and groups who excuse it explicitly or implicitly.

Craig Farmer
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