Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can anyone just say: not qualified?

What bothers me about Caroline Kennedy seeking the New York Senate Seat is that once again we have an establishment not willing to say what is obvious or at least a fair statement:

Caroline Kennedy is not qualified to be Senator from New York.

Top 3 reasons:

3. She clearly doesn't know the problems of New York and has not taken the time to even fake it. Contrast that with Hillary Clinton who went on a long listening tour and studied up and came out ready from Day 1.

2. Kennedy is not a public person and doesn't have experience of running a major campaign. Running for the Senate is war without bloodshed, granted that will probably be her toughest task, as being a Kennnedy in the Senate will allow her amenities others wouldn't get.

1. Caroline Kennedy has not played the necessary political games (for years) and done all that was necessary to "grease the skids". This covers many things big and small such as the proper donations to the right groups, showing up at the right charity events and parades, and expending political capital at the right moments.

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