Friday, December 26, 2008

Black Men trump White Women

it's in the Constitution.

I was on the wrong side of history during the Democratic Primaries for President in 2008. I supported Hillary Clinton instead of President-elect Obama. I was very confident that one of them would win the General Election. Little did I know that essentially this Democratic Primary became about identity politics. Sure some people chose who they would think who would be the best President, but honestly there weren't enough differences between Clinton and Obama to make a serious distinction. What the election wound up as is a referendum on whether the country would choose a black person or a woman as a historical choice.

Surprising to most including me, just as in the Constitution and therefore in our history, the country chose blacks over women.

I am of course talking about the Constitutional rights for blacks and women to vote.

According to the U.S. Constitution:

15th amendment gaves blacks the right on February 3, 1870.


it took many years later with the

19th amendment giving women the right to vote. August 18, 1920.

If there were real differences on voting issues then the analogy above would fall apart. For example, if Obama was pro-choice and Hillary was pro-life. If Obama was pro Free-trade and Hillary was pro Fair-trade. If Obama was in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Hillary was for an Enforcement only policy.

The media and the candidates tried to highlight difference on policy like health-care as though the two really disagreed, when in fact everyone knew at the end of the day either of them would wind up supporting the others' or a compromise plan on every major topic.

So we are left with simple human nature. There has never been anything other than white men in the Oval office. This was the year for that to change because of both Hillary and Obama joining.

It's interesting to ponder whether Hillary would have won the POTUS had Obama not ran. Perhaps the natural order of things would have re-asserted itself and had another White Man win again.

It's true Hillary faced a vicious press because she was a Clinton, she has baggage from many years being in the spotlight, and also because the desire by blacks and liberals to nominate a black man was stronger than any other impulse.

We don't know if there was a woman without the Clinton baggage with the politico's, the press, and the public would have fared better than Hillary.

I suspect not.

I think it is simple as history.

This country gave blacks the right to vote first.
We were going to give blacks the right to be President first.

I wish I would have figured this out a year ago, there was big money to be made.

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