Saturday, December 6, 2008

Democrats should support election reform

At some point in the near future, Democrats as the majority party have to stop protesting and complaining about the system and actually run it. And run it well. In Ohio, Democrats are complaining that voters who didn't fill out the absentee ballots correctly, shouldn't have their votes discarded. Yet, at some point we need to demand personal accountability in as many areas as possible. This is certainly one of them. As a party we should help remove any barriers to voting, and we should ensure a fair election overall. But that means that we need a standard. One that must be adhered to. Voters have to follow the rules. Or else we will have chaos and invite fraud.

Also, can we ever get to a point where our side (or any side loses a court case and doesn't play political games? Just accept that their view didn't win?

Here's the article from Ohio:

The Ohio Supreme Court on Friday threw out about 1,000 provisional ballots that had been improperly filled out by voters in a tight congressional race.
In a 4-2 decision, the court struck down Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner's directive that said the votes should be counted.
Voters had improperly filled out the outer envelope on the disputed ballots, which had been among about 27,000 left to be counted in the undecided 15th district congressional race between Republican Steve Stivers and Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy.
The decision allows Franklin County voting officials to count the other remaining provisional ballots, a process that had been on hold.
Justices said Brunner improperly instructed county elections officials to apply conflicting standards to election law by ruling that the votes should be counted, even though the envelopes failed to comply with legal guidelines set out before Nov. 4.


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