Saturday, December 6, 2008

proof America is not racist: OJ was not murdered

Many people cling to the idea that there is "still" racism in America. Yet, it seems an opposing viewpoint is more appropriate: America is so "not racist" that even though a vast majority of Americans thought a famous black man (O.J. Simpson) got away with killing two (good-looking) young white people (Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown), the female being his ex-wife; because a perceived to be "black jury" refused to find him guilty; and he was set free to walk the streets; no one took vigilante justice and killed him.

O.J. didn't take any precautions to protect himself to my knowledge.

I, of course don't adovcate the killing of any person, but were that to happen, the story line would surely include the racial animosity in America. We would have people pontificating about how white Americans only accept jury verdicts when it benefits them, and so forth.

So, now that O.J. appears to be safely behind bars for the next decade, I'm going to speak up for the fundamental goodness of the American people.

We accepted a bogus verdict in a double murder trial and vindicated the rule of law.

It's just another example of why America is the greatest county on earth.

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