Sunday, December 7, 2008

Democrats should have disciplined Jefferson

now the voters have done it for us

Republicans win Louisana House of Representatives seat.

This was an easy call for me. Democrats should have thrown Jefferson overboard. This was a great chance for Obama to show some indepedence from the Congressional Black Caucus, and to also show that "change" really meant something.

Instead, Democrats played the same "inside politics" game that Republicans and Democrats have played in the past, which tells me there really isn't any real change coming.

We as Democrats should now demand that Rep. Rangel resign his powerful committee assignments until he is 100% cleared of wrong-doing.

In addition, Senator Dodd should come clean about any special treatment he's received with his home loan.

I am practicing what I preached for Republicans when they were the "in" party.

As a Democrat, I believe in good-government, and personal responsibility.
There should be standards that we try to meet every day.
When we don't live by them, there should be real consequences.

As a party, we can't keep allowing exceptions and excuses to rule the day.

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