Monday, December 8, 2008

Asher Roth, white rapper

good talent, same old politics.

Asher Roth is an up and coming rapper who is pretty good in terms of rap skills and persona. Being that Eminem is the mold nowadays for white rappers the comparison is natural. Roth claims to shun that connection as too trite.

Roth has done an a millie freestyle which is impressive. First I like the fact that almost everyone who is anyone has done a freestyle to Lil' Wayne's beat. This is really good. It is pure art.

Roth's politics come across as really juvenile, and totally conventional for suburban (especially white) kids. The references to "weed" come across as pandering and embarassing.

The only thing I wonder is: Are there any Republicans or Conservatives or at least not left-wingers in mainstream music or t.v.?

Even if I agree with some of the political references, what about diversity?

How can between 46-52% of people vote for Republicans over the last 3 decades and none of them promote conservate values in the mainstream.

Well, that leaves a gigantic opening for me.
I will fill it until I get some help.

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