Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joe Lieberman should be removed from the Democratic Party

There was an honest case to be made against President elect Obama during the campaign season. I have often made that case. Yet, as a public official who is obsentibly apart of the Democratic Coalition, Senator Lieberman did a disservice to Democrats, and the nation in the way he allowed himself to be used by Republicans.

Even if he believed every word he and they said, Lieberman should have had the foresight not to say them or be associated with them.

Lieberman should have demanded that any talk about "socialism" and "palling around with terrorists" cease or else he would leave the campaign trail.

It is fine for bloggers and others to voice their opinions.

As a Senator you have a duty to always represent the best aspects of what you believe.

If Senator Lieberman really believed the things the Republicans said, and the obvious implications, then how is it that he is now going to work together with Obama today?

These were over-the-top allegations that if true would disqualify a person from being President in my eyes.

You have to make a decision, either you are all-in and you believe the implications of your attacks, or you leave them alone.

I understand why a Republican might try to do otherwise, but not an "independent Democrat".

Lieberman embarassed himself, his state, and his supposed moderation.

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