Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arkansas voters ban gay adoptions

Once again the courts forced the voters to act. This is wrong. The people are the leaders and not judges. Sure there are/have been some exceptions where judicial activisim is good and necessary but it should not be commonplace and a regular course of business.

In this case, I agree with the Arksansas voters:

Jon Gambrell
Arkansas voters have approved a measure banning unmarried couples who are living together being adoptive or foster parents. The vote imposes a ban that the Legislature balked at authorizing.
More than 56 percent of voters supported the ban, said by its proponents to be aimed primarily at keeping gays from becoming foster or adoptive parents. The measure's sponsor, the Arkansas Family Council, tried to paint its as a battle against a "gay agenda."
Opponents argued it would make it harder for the state to find the foster parents it needs to take care of children.
The measure grew out of a 2006 Arkansas Supreme Court decision that struck down a state policy banning gay foster parents. A push to enact a ban similar to the ballot measure during the last legislative session failed.

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