Saturday, November 15, 2008

African Americans have benefitted well from the Democratic Paty

I believed that African Americans were benefitting well from the Democratic Party before 2008. I thought so because of all the government programs that disportionately help blacks in percentage terms. In additions, Democrats consistently appointed A.A.'s to powerful positions as a matter of principle in believing in affirmative action.

It used to be said in the black community, "The Republicans don't care" and "The Democrats take us for granted".

It was clear from the facts that that wasn't true but perceptions and emotions are hard to argue against.

Now there are even more indisputable facts.

Not only with President elect Obama's nomination this spring. Which by the way came at a time when virtually any Democrat running would be favored to win the White House.

But look at what's happening/happened in New York.

Hillary Clinton is being considered for Secretary of State.

An African American, Governor Patterson will choose her replacement.

He is there virtue to his election as the Lt. Governor with Eliot Spitzer, after a powerful career in New York state politics.

This is black power. Total inclusion.
The Democratic Party deserved the credit before, and certainly now.

Former President Clinton should be noted here, because he changed the culture so much, that it moved from questioning the value of considering diversity to its' almost religious adherence today in both parties. We have had eight years of Republican President Bush breaking new racial and other barriers with appointments.

You know you have won when your opponents copy you!

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