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Craig Farmer still agrees with Craig Farmer of 4 years ago!

from where I was banned for being a free thinker

Submitted by Stand and Fight on November 15, 2004 - 11:52am.

I have to speak out against this Craig Farmer and so-called "new liberal" platform. If you look at his website you will see that there are a glaring number of inconsistencies in his stances. His platform has a thoroughly right-wing tone to it rather than a moderate one. For instance, he seems to take a very hard line in regards to homosexuals, groups like the NAACP and the ACLU, "activist" judges, etc...
One of the most obvious that I observed had to do with the fact that on the home page he states, "SUPPORT the sentiment that abortion is evil because it kills a potential human life, and find legal ways to reduce it." However, on another page he states in regards to abortion, "The U.S. Constitution should be amended to include a RIGHT TO PRIVACY that encompasses not only 100% abortion rights, but clearly defines that normal healthy adults are endowed by God with the human right to control their bodies. The state has the burden of proving how an individual exercising her/his God-given freedom harms society in a way that necessitates government restrictions on all Americans."
I could go on, but I encourage others to read through the website, and notice that a lot of the so-called "new liberal" agenda is very much slanted in a right-wing direction. I do not think that this will serve out party in the long run. It will only serve to make our party Republican in every way but name.

my response, which I still agree with in 2008:

Submitted by craigfarmer on November 15, 2004 - 1:10pm.
Joel E. Bousley
Life is complex.
I'm clearly a liberal, which means to me I'm informed by religion, history, tradition, current realities, but I decide based on facts/logic.
Right-wing means to me someone adheres to some text or doctrine, or dogma irregardless of the facts. That describes many people who think of themselves on the Left and the Right. They start out with an opinion, and then seek facts to corroborate it.
Abortion and War are both evil. They kill. Yet in a free society they are necessary. Were abortion to be illegal, and enforced, the govt. would have to control all pregnant women, and even those who might become pregant. This to me is a worst evil than abortion. Women would be 2nd class citizens, and the tyranny of the govt. would be unbearable. Likewise, we have to wage war to protect us from evil, and keep our freedoms. That doesn't change the fact that innocent people get killed all the time. These are necessary evils to keep our freedom.
Most leftists recognize the evil of war. How can they not recognize the evil of abortion? It is the taking of a life that under normal circumstances would become human. The aborted fetus once born into humanity could have cured Cancer, or done something else great. Yet it is not Human life until birth where there are two individuals deserving of Const. protections.
It makes perfect sense to me to be 100% pro-choice and then work to limit abortions because they are not good choices.
Everything legal is not good.
Democrats need to develop clear thinking positions, and DEFEND them. We can't talk in slogans, and avoid the tough topics. We need to understand that we will lose elections until average voters look to us for new ideas.
On abortion we have a chance to be consistent and make America 100% pro-choice for all 9 months of pregnancy. And work at reducing abortions. Republicans haven't done it. It is an opening.
We regularly say, " I disagree with ..." but I would defend his right to speech.
Same concept.
We can't be the party of higher taxes.
We should ELIMINATE THE INCOME TAX, and replace it with a FLEXIBLE FEDERAL TAX that could be levied on all non-essential economic activity. This means food, clothes, vehicles for work, and income would be tax free!
We would raise revenue by taxing snacks, desserts, restaurants, sporting events, extra automobile purchases, vacations, leisure/luxury purchases. We should legalize gambling, and drug-use that isn't dangerous to society, and tax it.
The President would appoint a Board from Corporate America whose job would be to determine how much revenue would be needed in a two year period, and devise ways to raise that money with the least intrusion in the marketplace so:
1. Events where Demand outpaces supply like the Super Bowl, a Sold-out play, the Grammy's, an auction on EBAY, concert tickets, a new limited edition vehicle,etc. There would be high taxes here.
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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