Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bloomberg's bid for 3rd term for mayor is disgraceful

Michael Bloomberg is seeking a third term that is not allowed by current law. Therefore he is seeking to change the law and then to campaign for a 3rd term as mayor of New York City.

I am totally against this move.

First of all, if the law is bad and should be changed, then do so, but not so anyone currently in office can benefit, but for the future.

Next, according to the article the necessary changes to allow Bloomberg to run are being secured through hardball politics; in Bloomberg's case much of this is based on his ability to spend unlimited money in various ways.

That is insulting that public policy can and is being manipulated under these circumstances.

I am against term-limits in general, and trust the people to decide who should be elected.

But above all, we are a nation of laws, and they must be enforced at all times lest they become arbitrary and ultimately meaningless.

What's worse is that Bloomberg wants to keep term-limits, but change them so they fit his particular circumstance.

Basically, the idea is that he is too important to the city.

His predecessor Guiliani had similar designs at retaining office. His big idea was to suspend the election until a more calmer time. (The election was right after the 9/11 attacks).

Guiliani was held in such low regard that his power move was easily thrwarted.

Up until now, Bloomberg has had a much better relationship across the board with many groups, that makes this power grab much more possible, maybe even likely.

But it is wrong, and we need leadership from Democrats to fight against it.

Hillary Clinton should stand up for New York.
Chuck Schumer should stand up for New York.
Charlie Rangel should stand up for New York.

The City needs to be governed by the rule of law in a fair manner.
There has to be other people who can do as good a job as Bloomberg.
If not, as Americans we will make do just fine some other way.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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