Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama shows why we need less regulations in campaign finance

It was a bad argument that wasn't supported by the facts but persisted nonetheless, that "money" in politics, especially "special interest" money in politics was corrupting the system and the sometimes the people in it.
When in reality, by definition, the "general interest" could always at any time trump the "special interest" if it chose so.
No matter how many wealthy corporations, and other "bad people" tried to co-opt the system, there were always hundreds of millions of potential donors who could band together.
They actively chose not to in the past.
They actively chose to in this election through Obama.
Hillary Clinton lost because of the millions of donors who kept giving to Obama, which led their representatives to support him.
As a fervent Clinton supporter (still), I never harbored anger about that because that is what a free market should do.
McCain is finding a similar and even worse fate than Hillary because he is trapped in a public financing system.
He would never be able to match Obama, but he would be closer and thus able to build a better firewall around 270 electoral votes.
But the lesson to be learned is that if you are losing, don't whine and try to change the rules. Especially when the rules are good ones.
Work harder. Take personal responsibility, and change yourself.
Obama has changed the Democratic Party.
No matter who wins this election, no one will ever be able to say, "Democrats can't compete financially".
It wasn't that we couldn't compete, it was that we were losing.
The idea that we should equalize money between the "legitimate" candidates through some public financing system is a socialist idea that is wrong. We should have equal rules for everyone, rather than equal outcomes.
If McCain or any other candidate couldn't excite enough people to donate $20 or $50 then the government shouldn't penalize those who can by making it even.
America is the greatest country because we allow a free market to rule (ultimately). And through agitation, government intervention, and a little luck, we usually get things right..eventually.
I'm looking forward to Obama winning a landslide becuase of his financial advantage.
It will be well deserved.
My hope is that on various issues including this one (campaign finance), Democrats start looking at the facts rather than emotions and ideology

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