Thursday, October 23, 2008

On Guns and Gays: fundamental dishonesty

I choose these 2 topics and link them because their politics are so similar.
The Left has an extreme agenda on both, yet won't be honest about it.
I agree with the extreme agenda on Guns because it is right, and supported by the facts that I can find.
Guns in the hands of even law-abiding citizens are dangerous and tend to escalate situations negatively to the overall detriment of society. Therefore we would be better off as a country if we had less guns available to a great many people:
those inclined to emotional outburstshistory of violencementally unstable
In addition, those we allow with guns should be trained as to the proper use of them, and our mores as to when it is appropriate to use deadly force and when to retreat even in the face of a (relatively) petty crime.
I support licensing, registration, and confiscation of guns from people and circumstances where it is in the national interests.
That is an extreme position and I'm honest about it.
I am so, because I think the research and facts support my case.
Yet, most gun control advocates favor a "step by step" approach that is careful not to scare gun owners, and hides the ultimate purpose.
Maybe there are some moderates who don't believe in full gun control, if so fine. But most democrats seem to be quiet on real gun safety and gun control because of politics. I think we should be honest about who we are and fight to win the hearts and minds.
---Conversely, look at the debate with the Gay marriage Proposition:
It is clear that opponents of Prop 8 want to "equalize" the rights of same sex couples with others, and normalize the institution of marriage for gay couples.
This has to include teaching it "properly" in the schools, as well as a "fair" presentation by government at all levels.
Yet, those supporting gay marriage are dishonestly trying to hide their true purpose at each step.
Notice in the article how their focus is on "tolerance" and learning to live together in "diversity".
The reason "King and King" is taught is not to include gay marriage in normal society but to promote better relations and understanding?
The fact is, all sides should be honest. They should state what they are for, where it is going, and what the world would look like if they are successful.
They should be clear about their motivations.
For example, I disagree with those who are opposed to gay marriage on religious grounds, using non-religious reasons as a crutch.
The beauty of American politics is that we fight through ideas and not in terms of violence.
I am proud to defend my ideas honestly, rather than trying to advance an agenda step by step being careful to hide what the ultimate purpose is.
The ultimate goal of the gay rights lobby is total acceptance of gays in law, in culture, in every way imaginable. They have proudly (but wrongly) made the analogy to African American's seeking equality.
That being so, stop lying when opponents call you on your intent, and try to fool those not paying close attention about what you seek.
If you are right, then stand up and be honest.
There is no way gay rights groups won't fight to include gay couples in literature, in math problems, on reading tests, etc.They believe these couples are as normal as having a black couple being used as an example.
I totally disagree with this. They totally agree with this.
Stop lying and saying that this isn't about education, when you know that is the next battle.
Craig Farmermaking the word "liberal" safe again!

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