Saturday, September 6, 2008

Today's most Important Poll Question!


Are you pro choice or pro life (asked of women)

Pro choice 50%
Pro life 43%

(asked of Democratic Women)
Pro choice 57%
Pro Life 37%

(asked of Indepedent Women)
Pro choice 51%
Pro Life 40%

The above statistics are only one snapshot and perhaps the error in this sample is large. But it is amazing that for all the talk about "Women's Issues" being code for abortion rights: 37% of Democratic women are Pro-life. Now obviously it is not a major issue with them, and I'm sure they in general support exceptions, but it goes to show as consumers we need to be careful in letting the media set our agenda and approach.

The American people generally distrust and are uncomfortable with abortion rights. As democrats we should stand firm on the principle of Choice and women retain full control of their bodies, but we should do it in a moral sense. We need to recognize that the trade-off costs a potential human life. Also, democrats need to address the trauma to women and families after an abortion choice has been made.

I'm 100% pro-choice because ultimately women should control their bodies the same as I control my body. This can and does lead to some horrible outcomes for developing human beings, and a great potential of low morals. It is up to us as Democrats to deal with these issues head on and still be pro-choice.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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