Friday, September 5, 2008

Motherhood is first job for Women

This is not a revolutionary thought, but apparently is even politically incorrect on the American political Right: A woman's first job is to be a good Mother. We have all come to accept the notion that women can/should pursue whatever career dream they are willing to work for. Yet, the over-riding purpose in life is to procreate and nurture the next generation. That is first and foremost a woman's job. A father is necessary for assistance, for discipline, and for partnership. But it is a truism to say that mothers matter a great deal.

Yet, Sarah Palin is not being chastised by the Right for clearly not putting her family first. It's not just what she chooses, but what her choice and our celebration of her, means for our culture.

I think it matters that we define ourselves through our public officials, and through our public documents.

We need politicians to take and make tough stands and statements that aren't welcome in all quarters. We need people advocating for abstinence, and yet promoting education concerning birth control and sexuality. We need politicians to promote the benefits of faith irrespective of which particular one.

Yet, we continue to see a downward slide where the Right is abandoning it's principles and packaging itself to appeal to the secular left and indepedents.

Democrats should fill this void with a sensible morality that aims to uplift our great land.

Craig Farmer
mkaing the word "liberal" safe again!

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