Friday, September 5, 2008

Charlie Rangel being investigated by press

Representative Rangel should know not to entice the press or opponents to research anything in his background. Whatever they begin looking at will only be a starting point. Being that we all make mistakes, you're just asking for big-time trouble.

Now, the New York Times has found some financial issues with a rental unit.

I'm inclined to say that Rangel has earned the benefit of the doubt, and leave him alone.
But recently he has defiantly challenged others to look at the facts in some questionable dealings.

This new issue seems reasonable to me.

I support Charlie Rangel because he makes an honest attempt to do what's right. He is able to deal with the left wing partisans on his side, and the pressures of House leadership and the Republicans.

I hope there aren't anymore mistakes or oversight issues, and Rangel gets back to making economic policy as the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

The problem Democrats have is that they treat people like William Jefferson who deserves to be ousted from Congress and in jail, and Charlie Rangel who is an American hero with the same deference.

As a party we need to make tough choices and get our house in order.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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