Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain speech was horrible

It seems the Republicans are destined to give us this election. Once Barack Obama demonstrates that it is he who has the best luck in American political history. He keeps finding opponents who do and say strange things. From his rise in the U.S. Senate, through the Primary, and now. While Obama may have many flaws, it is his opposition that insists on showing even more. Just as Hillary and nearly everyone else except Bill Richardson has done, McCain changed his theme to try to steal "Change" away from Obama.

If it works it will be a rare case when a politician or anyone for that matter wins on defense.

McCain should be on offense in terms of policy and direction for the country.

Instead he and his party keep recycling his War Story to the point where many of us inclined to credit him are becoming cynical.

McCain has a good case to make as to why he should be elected:

He is willing to do what's right for the country no matter the consequences.

The problem is right now, THAT IS NOT TRUE!

Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman, or some other QUALIFIED person was the right choice for Vice President. Yet, McCain didn't put the country first.

It is a hard case to make that the old McCain will re-emerge after the new McCain wins with the same old politics.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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