Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin speech well done but dissappointing for lacking substance

According to the experts claim Governor Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain's running mate because she represents social conservatives. Yet, there was very little if anything to that effect last night. Perhaps, there were some coded messages that mean something to them that I didn't perceive, but nonetheless it is a sad day for America that the conservative party in American Politics either downplays or hides its' support for traditional values. Especially in the culture war that has been fully engaged by the Hollywood left, I am dismayed by the timidity of the Republican Party.

We need people to stand up for traditional marriage in a myriad of ways. Finding ways to discourage taking marriage so lightly, strengthening the incentives to stay married, maintaining the institution as one between a man and woman, and so on.

We need people to stand up against the continued proliferation of abortion throughout our culture. It is insulting for politicians to focus on the extremes of partial-birth abortion and other issues that are emotionally beneficial to their side, while leaving "regular" 1st term abortions (the vast majority) left unassaulted.

We need people to stand up to the government making so many decisions in education that really should be left to parents. We should be empowering parents through vouchers and other mechanisms to take control over their child's educational experience.

These were some of the areas where Republicans and general are right, yet their rising star was talking about PTA meetings, and being a hockey mom.

As democrats this is another opportunity for us to redefine liberalism as the pursuit of what is right through an honest process, rather than a laundry list of greivances and politically advantageous positions.

Democrats should control Washington because on the whole we what it takes to best integrate the best reform ideas.

To do that, we will need a strong Republican party to offer their best ideas or a bigger Democratic party.

Last night was a vote for enlarging our party to include more indepedent thinkers.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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