Friday, August 29, 2008

Joe Lieberman is going one step too far

Democrats want Lieberman punished for speaking at Republican Convention.

I agree. Next Year.

I am a proponent of independent thinking within the Democratic Party. I am a supporter of those who advocate a stronger foreign policy or a different route on various domestic issues.

However, Lieberman has moved into Zell Miller territory and is quickly making himself not welcome.

The essential question is whether he is intent on strengthening the Democratic Party and thus the nation, or is he pursuing personal goals that are irrelevant to our growth as a party.

There are/have been many Conservative/Independent Democrats who strayed so far from orthodoxy that it was hard to see what made them Democrats, yet they always understood it was acceptable as long as the purpose was the broaden the tent and improve the party.

Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Salazaar of Colorado, Pryor of Arksansas, and the many governors throughout our country all do it better than Lieberman.

The irony is that Lieberman is a typical democrat on 80%+ of the issues. So it is a mystery as to why he has allowed himself to be so distanced from his friends. I suspect it is the lure of being "special".

Hopefully after this election, Lieberman comes home and realizes our Party needs his voice.
If we win as I anticipate we will, Lieberman will need us even more.

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