Friday, August 29, 2008

Today's most important Poll number!

Who do you think would be best to handle Social Security?

CNN Poll 8/23-8/24

McCain 44
Obama 50

It might be surprising that the Republican does so well on an issue that is so identified with our Party. This is intertesting especially given that McCain supports personal accounts, the so-called "privatization" that is pilloried by Democrats.

This should be a wake-up call to Obama and Democrats to offer plans for Social Security and other programs that include the market, offer choice, and demands more personal responsibility. We can always build safeguards to help those who are less capable of exercising good judgements, but the American People on balance are already enjoying the 21st century in the private sector and doing just fine. We should propose mandatory personal accounts whether within/outside of Social Security that are able to be inherited. We need to give the poorest people in America something to build and be proud of. Democrats are smart enough to do this in a way that is progressive and effective at the same time.

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