Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama caught playing the race card

McCain campaign accuses Obama

When you look at the details of the statements from Obama, the most obvious conclusion is a racial reference. This is another example of Obama and his campaign of using race as a weapon in the race for President. They were masters of playing the race card against Hillary Clinton during the Primary. The press played along each time, being duped even while they were always "objective".

McCain can't really hope for a better press than Hillary got, but unfortunately for Obama, those of us from Hillary's camp who are now voting for him, remember the shameless Primary campaign. We remember all the times he and his campaign used code words like "don't let them bamboozle you", "don't let them stop you from voting". We remember the comments from Jesse Jackson Jr. about Hillary, and the comments from Michelle Obama about "for the first time in my adult life" being proud. There has been an undercurrent of white guilt, and black racism in the Obama campaign. He and his core supporters believe America is racists and subject to accepting racist arguments. This point of view seeps into their campaign at times, while other times the Obama team plays the race card cynically.

This time, I think Obama made a mistake. But in the past he and his team have done it on purpose. Obama has lost the benefit of the doubt with me. He is wrong.

I will vote for him (as a yellowdem1129) regardless. But at some point the American people might resent their fairness being taken for granted.

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