Friday, August 1, 2008

Ludacris puts Obama on spot

Rapper Ludacris attacks Hillary,McCain, Bush

Obama said he had Ludacris "on his ipod" in an effort to maintain credibility with young hip hop fans.

We are not an insignificant voting block. Loosely defined as 18 - 45 of all races, there are many votes to be gotten.

As a fan of rap music in general, but finding it tougher to identify songs I really, really like, I know that rappers like Ludacris can't be taken seriously because of their commitment to "keep it real".

Obama has tried to walk a tightrope of criticizing the lyrics while embracing the artists.

It doesn't fly with me. These videos and songs are not good for the youth of America.

As an adult who likes many of the (usually older) songs (even from Luda-- like move .... get out the way or stand up.. when I move you move)

I have trouble myself dealing with some of the content, but that's my responsibility.

Yet, we know children are listening. They are the intended target much of the time.
Also, we know these messages are shaping our culture.
We need a President who will bring real change and attack the messages being delivered year after year.

In truth, the problem is with us as the consumers who take these artists so seriously.
For example: no one took the Sopranos serious enough to examine it for what effect it had on the viewers. For much of America, there is a clear line of entertainment that we all broughtto watching that show.

Unfortunately, rap music is like a reality show where the artists and the fans try to live out the scenes from the songs in real life. Most draw appropriate lines in terms of criminal behavior, but the overall ethos is evident in everyday life. Especially when it comes to proper decorum, attitudes towards success, and just in general how we treat each other.

Obama knows all of this, but he wants black votes and doesn't really want to fight that battle right now, if ever.

I will fight it right now.
Fellow black Democrats.
All Americans

we must stand for promoting traditional values in the public square.
we must stand for appropriately segregating offensive entertainment to where it belongs.
we must protect our minds from garbage.
There is a civil society. We must build it continually.

I celebrate free speech and a free market for hip hop and other artists to prosper. I also value our right as Americans to enjoy the music while rejecting the negativity.

While I was 100% in support of Hillary in the primaries,
I will proudly vote for Obama in November.

Yet, I want our party to stand stronger for traditional values.

It can start with putting hip hop in it's proper place.
If you like rap music as I generally do and are in a position of influence, don't promote it to those who might take it too seriously. Understand the implications and be a part of the solution.
Think about it?
Obama smokes and yet he doesn't do it in public, and he is careful not to let children see him doing it.
It's a good lesson here also.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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