Monday, July 7, 2008

Doctors want more Medicare money

The American Medical Association wants Congress to reverse Medicare Cuts and increase payments to doctors under the senior health plan.

What should be stunning is that central planners are determining who and what should be paid at what price. It has been proven that the free market is a better decision maker than a finite group of people. This is true no matter how good or efficient the planners are. In this case, the planners are the Federal Government workers.

Democrats should absolutely retain the guarantees of the Medicare system, and in fact expand them to all U.S. Citizens. Then we the people through our government should let the free market work by letting individuals and institutions determine prices by giving them incentives to save money and/or use their money wisely. Doctors should be paid what they are worth. Their value should be determined based on supply and demand. It will ultimately work out that way no matter what. It's just that doctors may refuse medicare payments, cut back on quality, or quantity of service, all in an effort to equalize supply and demand.

America is great because we manage the free market to make it work for all of us. We should do that in Medicare.

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