Monday, July 7, 2008

Daily Kos pays for worthless Leiberman poll

The online liberal website Dailykos paid Research2000 for a poll to see what the results would be if the 2006 Connecticut Senate race between Lamont and Lieberman was held today:

Lamont 51
Lieberman 36

Wow! What an incredible turnaround right?

Actually no big deal. There is always more intensity against an incumbent than in support of what they do. If a Senator does a good job, you basically don't have any problems with him, so you ignore him. There are very few issues where sitting members of Congress get credit for what they do. They have to campaign to let people know what they did, and the consequences if they didn't do it. For someone like Lieberman who counts on votes from moderates and others who aren't rabid partisans this is especially true. There has been a permanent campaign online again Holy Joe, so why the surpise with the above poll? It is worthless. Were there to be a rematch today, Lieberman would surely win again. Many people love to think of themselves in ideal terms. Yet, when faced with the reality of the world, they become realists. Democrats must begin to accept that Joe Lieberman and people like him will provide us with a lasting majority. They are often right on the policy, and their political instincts are generally in the right place.

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