Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hillary should fight for a Democratic Principle

It is obviously true that Hillary Clinton would have preferred to be in Obama's position today. She would rather be dominating a flawed process than left to argue abstract principles of democracy. But this is the hand that she's been dealt due to her own poor planning during this primary season. Now, Hillary should establish a certain set of principles and demand they be vindicated before she either wins or concedes defeat:

the democratic party must insist that every state's delegate process become democratic and fair.

all fifty states must count under every and all scenarios. Any punishment to states must not impact the selection of a nominee.

the role of the media must be accounted for next time around and smart minds must think about how the msm has had as larger a role as the voters in defining the parameters and contours of the race.

Hillary can make it so that her race this year will matter for years to come. It is beyond question that the Democratic Party nominating process needs reform.

As Hillary fights to overcome tremendous odds if she can demand on real changes that matter it will go a long way to giving life to the central theme of her campaign all along.

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