Wednesday, April 30, 2008

race card alert: al sharpton on Tom Joyner show

This morning, Al Sharpton in his most clearest form yet, played the race card in the Democratic Primary in favor of Senator Barrack Obama. Making an appearance on the "Tom Joyner Morning show" he made it clear that Barrack Obama is THE BLACK CANDIDATE. Any rejection of him, is a rejection of all the years of struggle of black people. You'll notice the similarlity between his point of view and Rev. Wright's attempt to equate any attack on his outrageous speech as an all-out assault on the institution of THE Black Church.

Anyone listening, especially the large group of moderate whites who believe they are simply supporting the "best candidate" would be appalled to know:

"we've worked too hard and too long for this"

"don't let them take this away from us"

"watch out for the trickery"

notice the emphasis is not on Obama but on "US".

That the rules allow for all delegates to make an indepedent judgement is ignored. That the rules allow for the credientialing committtee to decide about Mich. and Florida is irrelevant.

What does matter most is no matter what , Obama must win the Dem. nomination. November is not an issue. Winning in November is secondary to Obama being our choice.

No one would deny that all of this is premised on Obama's skin color and his acceptance of the "community".

What's going on is that this race is being hijacked by left-wing, old school African American leaders who understand America in terms of grievance, oppression, and reparations.

The man who was going to help move the country beyond race is winning because of his race.

Right now, the reparations being demanded are that Obama be the nominee.

Make no mistake this is why many moderate-conservative Democrats will never abandon Obama. They know that as long as they are on the ship (if) as it sinks, they will be able to show a bloody shirt to the African American community for years to come.

Can you imagine Ben Nelson endorsing a white candidate with such a left-wing and radical background? What about Claire Mckaskill? Kent Conrad?

So what we have is a perfect storm of black left wing liberals making racial demands in the person of Obama, moderate-conservative white politicians seeing a perfect and easy way to prove loyalty to the most loyal Dem base, and the American people lose in the process.

No one in the media for months has questioned Obama's qualification to be President, mostly because people are voting for him.

But Democrats have shown themselves moral cowards by not standing up to Obama. Were he a Colin Powell, all of his success would be justified. Were he a Condi Rice, it would make sense. Yet, he is a person who has pandered to all types, accomplished little, and is cashing in checks from the Dem. Party owed to black people.

3 months ago if people in Iowa knew of Obama's past associations, I doubt he would win that state as he did. Certainly not in a Primary-as it should have been. So we now know that for Obama to win the Dem nomination it will be because people refuse to "take it from the black guy" with the most votes, the most delegates, etc.

I say instead of letting Obama use our political capital, let's demand school vouchers or criminal justice reform and get a qualified President.

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