Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary, resign the Senate, stay in the Presidential race

from mydd:
It is easy to second guess the Clinton campaign. It is even easier to join the Obama movement for "change"? Yet, I'm choosing to do what's in America's best interest. Offer advice as to how the strongest Democratic nominee can actually win in this Primary.
First a few concessions:
It would be a miracle for Hillary to win either Ohio or Texas next Tuesday. All of the trends are moving away from her, and now they are strengthening each other. For example, more hard-core Republicans are voting for obama, which (mistakenly) excites Democrats that he is their best candidate, which fuels big poll gains that the msm cover religiously,etc.
So the best case scenario, absent a POITICAL EARTHQUAKE, is to barely win Ohio and barely lose Texas. The smart money would be on an Obama sweep.
From tonight's Debate:
"Tim, before we engage in this debate tonight, I have a very important announcement:
I would like to thank the Great people in the State of New York who over seven years ago welcomed me to the state with open arms. It has been my pleasure to go to work for them every day in the United States Senate. Everything, I've done in this Presidential Campaign has been what I've concluded is in the best interest of New Yorkers. So tonight, I want to continue that practice:
The best thing for New Yorkers is to have a Democrat in the White House next year. And as much as I like him, and am proud to be on the stage with him tonight, Senator Obama, Sir,you simply are not qualified to be President of the United States.
I have made the decision to seek the Presidency of the United States Full-time and Resign my seat as Senator from New York.
I do so, because Senator Obama won't win in November, and I will. I must use the time between now and the convention to follow all the rules of the Democratic Party to gain a majority of delegates to be our nominee for POTUS.
I have conluded it is not possible for me to fully contest this primary while also being a sitting Senator.
I also want to make this clear:
I will be a candidate for this nomination and intend to win until our Convention officially nominates a candidate for President.
I understand that many in the Democratic Party fear a contentious Primary process, and feel that we should rally around Senator Obamaa for many reasons including the historical nature of his bid.
But I will not allow the Democratic Party to replay 1972 again. I honestly don't think he will win, and I feel a duty to do everything I can to present that case to the Democratic Party.
By the end of this Primary process:
I will have gotten the support of the Majority of Democrats.
yet, I will be an underdog in this race. The Democratic Party in the future must rethink its' rules that allow like a Texas woman quotee in the Houston Chronicle today, that she is voting for Senator Obama now, and Senator McCain in November.
This is striking, we've had the combination of so many factors to produce Senaotr Obama's rise, some good and some not so good.
For the good, we've had a historical pride in the African American community, and a yearning from young people to be a part of the process. Also, we've had many people's hopes in the goodness of America revitalized.
Yet, in the internet age of savvy voters, we've had an unprecedented amount of strategic voting from independents and republicans to pick the dem candidate they either dislike the least, or to simply vote against me. These people aren't intending to be Democrats in the fall, yet they are over-ruling the votes of Democrats today.
Also, the allignment of all types of media in support of Senator Obama, from the right wing, to the msm, to the progressive press, there has been an "echo chamber" of criticism of me and praise for Senator Obama that has help fuel what many have chraracterized as a cult-phenomenom.
Well, just like the bubble bursted, I think the Obama-boom will soon be a bust, and Democrats would be stuck with another 4 years of Bush McCain policies.
Therefore, I will represent the majority of Democrats all the way to and through the convention. I hope to have all the support of those who now support me, but if its' only Bill, Chelsea, and my Mom, I'll know I fought for the Democratic party, and America's best Interest.
Again, I will strictly folllow every rule, and win fair and square.
I have been proud of this country so many times in the past, like when we put a man on the moon, when we honored DR. King with a national holiday, when we defeated Communism, when we turned our nation around in the 1990's, and today when America stands ready to elect a woman POTUS.
Were Senator Obama qualified, I'd leave it up to Texas and Ohio, but honestly, he's not, and I will fight for every delegate and try to restore the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.
Thank You.

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